Sunday, August 20, 2017

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, August 20th, 2017

Sunday again... And of course time for my rant..

Well, better late than never.. I have had to take care of some personal issues over the last while and some family issues have arisen once again that has drawn me away from writing at this blog.... I do want to again thank everyone for their patience...

One thing that I have noticed over the last year and at first I thought it was due to falling interest of readership at this blog... My Blogger statistics for readership at NTS has fallen like a stone, and I was beginning to wonder if it was due to readers no longer interested in this alternative media site... BUT Greencrow and a few others brought something to my attention over the last few weeks that shows that I and others have not actually lost many readers, when in fact it is Google itself that has been purposely censoring statistics to make it appear that readership here has fallen off the cliff.... Lets be honest here, for at one point towards the end of last year, Northerntruthseeker was getting upwards of some 200000 hits per month that I found remarkable, and yet suddenly just a few months later that number dwindled to less than 50000 a month and continued (and continues) to fall like a stone!   I was wondering what was really happening, for that kind of fall would be impossible in the real world, and therefore I am also looking at the bastards at Google for purposely destroying my numbers.....  I therefore no longer trust the "statistics" at this blog and honestly I am really considering getting the hell out of "Blogger" all together for their censorship....

Well, distorting the number of visitors at this blog is bad enough, but over the last few weeks I have also seen some of my visuals changed at this blog as well... Several of my right hand column videos
"mysteriously" disappeared and I had a real hard time in putting them back up... That and my "revolver map" disappeared all together and I had to reintroduce that visual just a few days ago as well.... Again, I am sick and tired of this unwanted censorship at this blog and if it does continue I will indeed be looking at a new platform and say adios to "Blogger" and their criminal censorship....

OK, I will not go into great detail on the insanity that we are seeing in the US right now, for  all I can say is that most Americans are truly this stupid to not see what is really happening in their nation and are right now doing little to stop the damage... The bastards that launched the fraud Charlottesville Virginia incident earlier this month are in league with the criminal Jewish psychos in charge of America with the goal being a massive social unrest right across the nation....This has nothing to do with the fraud of "diversity" for that is pure bullshit to start with... The reality is that "diversity" has always wrecked nations and I can show examples right around the globe even today that proves that as fact...  This is not a "white versus black" battle other than the fact that the Jewish pricks have always wanted to use the blacks as their weapon of choice to create bedlam..... I for one am truly disgusted that most blacks are either too ignorant or too stupid to see that they are nothing but pawns in the sick Jewish want for America's destruction......

Lets also get the facts straight... All of this wanting to tear down "Confederate" symbols across America is beyond stupid... Most of the criminals, and yes they are criminals, that are out there defacing and destroying statues of those who symbolized America over a century ago, are very much too stupid and ignorant to even get an education and a clue about their history.... The American Confederacy was never about "slavery" as these idiots have been brainwashed into believing, but the rights of citizens and their states to stand up to the criminality of a centralized federal government...The southern states were being subjected to constant tariffs and fraud taxation from the government in Washington DC that had no constitutional rights at the time to impose such taxation... Therefore after a lot of deliberation those states rightfully voted, which they had every constitutional right to do, to secede from the American union and go their own way... The resultant Civil War was not about "abolishing slavery" but about reimposing the central government's authority over these states... The issue of "abolishing slavery" did not even become the wartime rally for the Union forces until almost a full year and a half into the conflict...

I also do have to mention to the idiots out there that are destroying so many statues and symbols of the Civil War, that most of the slave owners in America were Jews... And many of these idiots do not even delve deeper into the history of slavery, for they would find out that most of the criminals that brought slaves to the American shores were also Jews themselves!  This is fact and not fiction....  Therefore the next time any of the readers at this blog that live in the US come across some of the idiots out there that are wanting to tear down historical symbols of America's past due to "slavery", they should take these idiots aside and give them a real history lesson and hopefully have them see the error of their ways....

Well, the Syrian war for ridding itself of the evil US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal continues, with recent massive victories by the SAA in central Syria... Right now, the SAA has encircled a large chunk of US fraud "ISIS" forces in the eastern part of Hama province and has continued to make gains along the Jordanian border as well.... The only set back for the moment has been along the Euphrates river where "ISIS" has counterattacked just west of the town of Maadan and has temporarily thwarted the SAA Tiger Forces from launching their long planned attack to relieve the city of Deir Ez-Zor... But the facts are still the same; The US has LOST this war for Syria's destruction and the Syrian people are indeed on their way to clearing their nation of the so called "rebel" and "terrorist" bastards...

There was one alarming incident that caught my eye just the other day, and it again shows the world exactly what the US is doing in Syria...For several reports came forward showing that the US "coalition" air force that is in fact ILLEGALLY operating across Syrian air space has once again come to the rescue of their beleaguered "ISIS" forces by bombing SAA positions operating in the town of al Kadir north of recently liberated al-Sukhnah.... This attack was deliberate and was absolutely conducted by the US as an act of desperation to try to halt the SAA advance south towards a possible link up with SAA forces operating north from al-Sukhnah.... It should once again prove beyond the shadow of any doubt to the few that are still thinking that "ISIS" is some type of "terrorist" group that they are in fact US paid mercenaries and operatives, and that the US will stop at nothing now to try to save them at all cost....

Well, tomorrow the US gets a real treat in witnessing a total solar eclipse right across the centre of the nation.... I honestly do envy the people in southern Illinois and Missouri that will have the best view of totality starting at around 1130 am CDT tomorrow... And again I must remind readers that unless they are wearing the right eye protection to NOT look directly at the Sun as the show begins for they can do serious damage to their retinas......  I will be at work on Monday here in central Canada during the time of the eclipse, but I will have my computer and the nearby Talmudvision tuned in after 11am tomorrow to watch the show.....

I did notice one other thing that is supposed to happen during the time of the American eclipse tomorrow, and I found the timing to be a bit disturbing.. Supposedly the US and South Korea are going to be starting their long planned "war games" across the southern part of the Korean peninsula at exactly the same time as the eclipse takes place... This is very troubling, as the North Koreans have long warned that these "games" could trigger a dangerous response from North Korea that could rapidly escalate into a full blown war right across the region....  I for one am crossing my fingers that this is nothing more than posturing by the North Koreans as we have seen so many times over the last year and nothing happens....But as someone has pointed out to me for years, the criminal Jewish "elite" have long used celestial events to coincide with some of their evil undertakings....

And speaking of the American solar eclipse tomorrow, I was once again checking into the comment section at some of those ridiculous "flat earth" videos that have infested Youtube, and I have to howl.. The idiots and escapees from clown college that have infested the "flat earth" society are once again claiming that tomorrow's 'eclipse" is a fraud!  Many of these idiots have no rational scientific explanation for the "eclipse" for they are stuck with their illogical and unscientific stupidity of the moon being so much smaller and so much closer to this planet that it actually is.. Heck, many of these idiots are still living in their dream world that the Sun itself is only some "4000 miles" up above their equally ridiculous "flying pizza world"..... It boggles the mind as to the stupidity of this crowd, and sadly they are indeed out there and continuing to promote their garbage...

But I have grown annoyed at some of those in the "truth movement" that have sadly and so wrongly labeled my stand on the fraud of "Global Warming" as my suddenly being a "flat earth believer"!  This type of stupidity only backs up what I have said for years about the entire "flat earth" idiocy.. That ridiculous notion of the world being a pancake was introduced on purpose into the alternative media as a method of projecting the falsehood that anyone that sees the lies of government and especially NASA, to be labeled as "flat earthers"!   And now that ignorance has spread to even those who see the lie of "Climate Change" as well?  Honestly, to those who suddenly call those who see the lies of "Climate Change" "flat earthers", give your heads a shake and get a real education!

One thing about this "Climate Change" bullshit and I did mention it in passing in last week's rant... I am so glad that Al Gore's newest piece of bullshit propaganda "An Inconvenient Sequel" has absolutely BOMBED at the movie theatres...  I did see a few weeks back where the so called "critics" were out there claiming this newest piece of Al Gore dog poop as a fine movie, but people are finally sick and tired of the lies of the Global Warming idiots out there and have sent this movie to the dust bin already... It is already out of the few theatres here that had the guts to screen it,  and it is destined to lose millions of dollars..... I can guarantee that even the DVD sales of this piece of horsecrap will be pathetic and it will be relegated to Youtube videos within the next year....  At that point, I may actually watch it (hopefully without vomiting) for some comedy relief and to see Manbearpig's attempt once again at lying his ass off....

Well, I guess that is enough for the moment.... Once again I have left so much on the table that people want my two cents worth, and I will cover some of those right here in my usual "last minute tidbits"......The Barcelona "attack" was definitely a false flag operation, and I have found nothing to show otherwise.   I am still leaning on it being done for both political (fear of Catalonian independence) and economic reasons..........More reports coming out showing how wide spread the Cholera outbreak is becoming in Yemen.  Yes, the entire population of that nation is in danger of being wiped out due to not only Cholera, but from famine thanks to the US and Saudi Arabia.  And of course I continue to be so annoyed that the so called "Media" refuses to even talk about this disaster!.....China and India still at loggerheads in Kashmir region of the Himalayas.   I do hope cooler heads prevail here and we do not see a war over a few villages.  Diplomacy is better than death......Yes, the US is still claiming that Iran is not in "compliance" with the P5+1 nuclear deal, but the reality is that the US is the ones  not in "compliance" for their refusal to remove some sanctions as part of that agreement.  The reality here is of course the Israelis wanting the deal scrubbed so they can get their American minions to destroy Iran itself.... And speaking of the psychos in Israel, apparently their laughable assertion that Iran is building a rocket base in Syria never got the traction they wanted (hopefully thanks to the alternative media) and that story has become a dud.  But these psychos will continue their efforts for they want both Syria and Iran destroyed.......I did notice the sudden crack down of alternative media sites by the criminals over at Google and other servers.  I am crossing my fingers that this site is not targeted, but if it does I will find an alternative platform.   Someone said to check out the search engine called "Brave" as an alternative to "Google", and I too may take a gander there soon........I see the battle in the Philippines to remove the US fraud of ISIS continues, and apparently Duterte's forces are now nearing victory on Mindanao.  BUT I can guarantee we have not seen the last of ISIS in the Philippines for the US will definitely be working to inject their operatives somewhere else in the island nation.........Anyone else notice that with all of the "upheaval" happening now across America, the fraud of "Russia Gate" has all but disappeared?  Here is a reality check:  The idiots that want to have Drumpf removed from office have obviously failed with their "Russia Gate" scam, so they are now trying a different approach through this bullshit "diversity" upheaval across the nation, and trying to label Drumpf as a "racist".......I saw a report where supposedly the ridiculous Lougheed F35 POS "fighter" program will cost FAR MORE money that has been previously estimated.   I do wonder why the US government has not scrapped this entire program as it is now estimated to bleed American taxpayers to the tune of upwards of 1.5 TRILLION dollars!....... I saw a most disturbing report a few days ago where some experts are saying that the US will stay illegally in Syria for decades even after their fraud of "ISIS" is defeated!  I do wonder if the Russians and Syrians have received the memo on this?  And I do wonder what their reaction will be if this report is true.......... I am pissed off right now for Arsenal lost a game that they should have won yesterday to Stoke City by the score of 1-0.   I actually watched most of that game, but was so disgusted by the play of the Gunners.  Honestly they do not look like championship caliber and it will be a long fall and winter for Gunner fans..........OK, what is going on in the kooky world of Kardashian these days?  Well, I hope readers are not tuning into their Jew spew network ABC on the 28th of this month, for the uber-skank Kim is going to be the "host" on the morning "Live" show.  Honestly I have not seen this skank put two sentences together without spewing gibberish, so I wonder how she will manage an entire live show?  I hope the producers have plenty of cue cards written in crayon ready for this idiot that morning.  Thankfully I will not tune in that morning for I fear for my own brain cells screaming in pain....

More to come


Saturday, August 19, 2017

Interesting Article From Greencrow: Defend Your Homeland Or Die

*NTS Note:  I have some family business to take care of over the next few days, and therefore tomorrow's rant may be a bit late in publishing... I will do my best to have it out on time, but the worse case is it may be delayed until Monday.... 

I have been watching over the last while the war in Syria now apparently coming to a conclusion and a decisive victory for the good guys, the Syrian Government Forces (SAA) and their Arabic and Russian allies... It has indeed turned into a decisive defeat for the US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal, and it should be a beacon for all nations that want to stand up against tyranny....

For years now, I have been looking for the answers as to WHY the bastards in the US and Israel have been so intent on the destruction of Syria along with so many other innocent nations.. Many have said that these wars are about resources, while others point to the psychotic want by Israel to expand and dominate as part of their "Greater Israel" project....These may be valid, but it does not answer the big picture in regards to the "how and why" of most puzzling modern "geo-politics"..... I am of course continuing to present some interesting material that may answer these questions at this blog, and thanks to a fellow Canadian researcher, today I came across one that is a real doozie!

Right now, I want to present the following report from Greencrow, through her website "Greencrow As The Crow Flies" at, that is entitled: "Defend Your Homeland Or Die" and contains a must read report from a political consultant named Thierry Masson that gives some great insight into how and why Bashar al-Assad has not only been able to defy the psychos that have wanted his nation destroyed and himself removed from power but has shown the world how to stand up to the "elitist" tyranny!  Here is the link to Greencrow's report here, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: The original Thierry Masson article. entitled: "The Anti-Imperialist Camp, Splintered In Thought" can be found here at this link to the Voltaire website:

I do agree with much of what Thierry Masson states, but once again he like others misses the key issue here that the bastards behind all of this destruction are the so called "tribe" of elitist Jews that have always wanted to see the rest of mankind subdued and made into their slaves...

And yes, he is right that President Bashar al-Assad of Syria has not fallen into their trap and indeed has found the method of defeating these bastards at their own game by simply not playing by their "rules"!  Other nations that are trying to avoid destruction by these maniacs should look at Syria as the example of how to beat them....

This map of so called "Gap Countries" especially grabbed my attention from these articles, for I had never seen this "map" before... It is most intriguing and indeed does cover a lot of the nations on this planet that the criminal psychopaths seem to want 'destabilized'.. Here is that map for all to see here:

Greencrow does bring forward a few most interesting thoughts in here article, especially about how what we are witnessing happening in the United States right now may be the continuation of this national destruction campaign by these bastards as well.....The idea that this may be part of a "mass cull" by the criminal elite may be a bit of a stretch, but considering the fact that these bastards have always had their plan as part of their 'Agendas' including "Agenda 21" to have this planet's population reduced, with the survivors of that destruction made into compliant and brainwashed slaves.....

Again, I will continue to bring forward articles here at this blog in regards to answering the question of why we are seeing so much upheaval now across the planet.... The idea that this is all part of a sick game and plan for our ultimate enslavement has been the focus of so many of my articles here for years now and I have found nothing in my own research to show otherwise....

More to come


Friday, August 18, 2017

Here We Go Again With Another False Flag, This Time In Barcelona Spain

We in the real truth movement have been right so far about almost every single false flag attack conducted by the Jewish elite and their minions over the last few years... It does seem however that these bastards will continue to do these operations every chance they get knowing that the majority of sheep out there still do not get it and simply are too stupid to see through their sick and twisted game....

We also knew that another false flag was coming.. These criminals want these operations to continue as their method of using fear propaganda on gullible people to further their aims at taking away everyone's freedoms and liberties... Well lo and behold, but just yesterday we have this "terrorist attack" in Barcelona Spain where the Jew spew media is now reporting some "13 people have been killed" and some "100 more injured"..... And once again I do smell a rat here.....

I want to present one of the best articles so far that covers a lot of facts and information about this latest "terrorist attack" in Barcelona Spain... It of course comes from Aangirfan's website at, and is entitled: "Barcelona False Flag", and I have it right here for my own readers to see for themselves.. I have further thoughts and comments to follow:

Friday, 18 August 2017


Barcelona police, after the attack of 17 August 2017.
The police have now dismissed earlier reports of the Barcelona attackers taking hostages in a Turkish restaurant.

It is possible that the police are protecting the attackers?

Police linked to Madrid bombs

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the Barcelona attack.

ISIS is reported to be run by the CIA and Mossad?

America created ISIS - Global Research .

'Driss Oukabir Soprano'

Driss Oukabir, whose passport was allegedly found in the white van, handed himself in to the police.

It has emerged that, like most well-known 'patsies', 'he had been under police surveillance'.

A report in the Guardian says that Driss Oukabir was arrested after he went to the police to report that his passport had been stolen.

The Guardian says that Driss Oukabir was not the driver of the van.

Mossad has a history of stealing passports.

Mossad's long history of clandestine operations.

Moussa Oukabir (right) and a friend. 
The authorities are trying to make out that 18-year-old Moussa Oukabir was driving the white van.

Fake Facebook accounts were set up to discredit Driss Oukabir and his brother Moussa.

The URL of a fake Facebook page contained the name 'Ayman.Arifi' instead of Driss Oukabir Soprano.

The real Driss' Facebook page was shut down.

Driss El Oukabir Soprano Facebook Photos


The police say that in Cambrils, a town south of Barcelona, they killed five alleged attackers at around 1.30am on 18 August 2017.

One of those who witnessed the chaos in Barcelona was Chris Pawley who had also been at Manchester Arena during the recent terror attack there.

Convicted drug dealer . Manchester Arena bomb survivor caught up in Barcelona terror attack

Missing in Barcelona - Julian Cadman.

The Kosher Nostra terrorists are reputed to be involved in kidnapping children.

After the attack in Barcelona.

The CIA warned local police that La Rambla, in Barcelona, could be the scene of a terrorist attack.


On 17 August 2017, a white van, reportedly rented, rammed into pedestrians outside a kosher restaurant on a busy street in Barcelona.

Kosher restaurants suggest Mossad?

At least 13 people were killed in what police described as a terrorist attack.

After the attack in Barcelona.

"The driver went on the run, and two other men ran into a nearby Turkish restaurant, theLuna d'Istanbul, armed with guns, according to local media.

"The two armed men entrenched themselves in the Turkish restaurant in Barcelona's city centre, and took hostages."

After the attack several armed people enter restaurant .

Barcelona white van.

The spooky lawyer and University of Glasgow rector Aamer Anwar was walking La Ramblas when he heard screaming.

Spain is a base for the families of Mossad spies who operate in North Africa and beyond.

Barcelona is a nest of spies.

One Mossad-CIA trademark is leaving a fake passport at the scene of their crime.

The police are said to have found a passport in the white van.

The passport  belongs to a Spanish national with an Arabic name (Driss Oukabir).

Theresa may refused to back Netanyahu on Iran, and she sacked the top Jews from her cabinet.

When the Kosher Nostra fell out with Theresa May, there were false flag attacks in Manchester and London.


The King of Spain and a rabbi.

Spain has a history of false flag terrorism.

The 1977 Atocha massacre, which was a part of neofascist terrorism in Spain, killed five people.

This massacre, linked to the CIA's Operation Gladio, was committed in Atocha Street near the Atocha railway station in Madrid.

Madrid 2004

Madrid Bombs - the work of the security services


Madrid Bombs
Rafa Zuher and Jose Emilio Suarez were involved in the Madrid bomb plot, according to the authorities. Spain's El Mundo newspaper said ...

Police linked to Madrid bombs?
The newspaper had published details suggesting the involvement of the security forces in the Madrid bomb blasts. The police are alleged to ...

Madrid Bombs
Police linked to Madrid bombs?

The police and the Madrid Bombs
According to Múgica, at a Madrid police station "the officers wanted to help the ABC reporters, but when the camera crew came, they didn't ...

Security services organised the Madrid bombs?
A headline in the Times, June 21 2004: 'Madrid Bombers Linked to Spanish Security Service.' "The man accused of supplying the dynamite ...

Morocco - recruiting ground for the CIA and MI5. MI5 had a Moroccan-born agent who 'investigated' the 7/7 London bombers and the Madrid ...

A few hours before the Madrid Bombings, NATO carried out a terrorism exercise in Madrid. (Translate this page) Former Secretary General of ...


NTS Notes:  OK, Here is a simple guideline for everyone that tells us that these "attacks" are set ups and false flags... Wait until the fraud US "terrorist" group known as "ISIS" takes responsibility!  And yes, late yesterday came the report that was all over the Jew spew media that "ISIS" did take responsibility for this Barcelona operation... .With that we therefore can conclude without a shadow of a doubt that this was indeed a set up and absolutely a false flag attack...

The question that everyone should be asking is this... WHY Barcelona Spain and WHY at this time?.. .Well, the answer is simple.. Barcelona is of course in the Catalonia region of Spain and everyone should be well aware by now that the Catalonians are going to vote as early as this fall for their independence from Spain itself.... Therefore this operation in Barcelona absolutely works for the benefit of the Madrid government to crack down on the Catalonian "separatists" and to prevent that vote for independence from taking place....

There is also the issue of course in regards to Spain's rapidly deteriorating economic situation and the possibility of massive unrest and upheaval in that nation shortly... Therefore this false flag can also give the Madrid government their "crisis" necessary for them to crack down on their own people, take away more of their own freedoms and liberties, and strip them of any abilities to resist government forces when the economy collapses.... Yes, the timing of this "false flag" is indeed too perfect...

I am once again looking for more answers and more evidence of this being a fraud, and once again call on readers to present any evidence they come across and I will do my diligence in getting that information here in further updates.....But I am not swaying from my perspective here in calling this for what it is; Definitely a False Flag operation...

More to come


*Well, this did not take long.. Here is the first "update" for this article, and it comes from Jim Stone's website at Here is Jim's take on this fraud here:


August 17 2017 at 10:45 PM CST



Mexican media is asking hard questions about Barcelona, and how yet another passport was so conveniently found in the van.

The 10:30PM (CST) Diez En Punto (10 En Punto) which airs on Univision and is the most highly regarded Mexican newscast just reported that the Morroccan that is being blamed went to the Moroccan embassy to report his passport stolen, and confirmed that he reported it stolen before the van attack took place. Mexican Media openly stated that it was a frame up, because it is documented that the Morroccan man DID NOT HAVE HIS PASSPORT AT THE TIME OF THE ATTACK.
Diez En Punto then asked the hard question: Since it is proven this guy did not have his passport at the time of the attack, as confirmed by the embassy which did not issue a new one yet and received word directly from him that it was stolen days before the van attack, Mexican media is questioning why on earth the authorities are insisting on saying he was the one who did the attack.
It is then obvious to conclude from what they said, that Barcelona is a proven, sewn up in a body bag intelligence agency fronted false flag that the elite don't want to let go of, because the authorities know damn well the embassy issued a statement that confirmed he did not even have a passport to leave in any van, - oh so conveniently to follow the script of the miracle passport so perfectly (time and time again), - yet they are not backing off on their accusations against a now known to be innocent man.

AAAAAND that's what communists do, because they know that a news broadcast in Mexico is not going to make it to Morocco, and to accomplish an agenda they will murder ANYONE. They are not creative enough to move away from "the perfectly clean passport on top of the ashes". They will take care of the questions by killing anyone it takes to accomplish it. And what would their agenda for yet another vehicular attack be? FULLY MANDATED SELF DRIVING VEHICLES.


Hi Jim, I am living in Barcelona. I do not find the mexican news you are talking about. Could you please publish the link, if possible? It is very important for us here. Thanks, Peter
My response: It might be the biggest newscast in Mexico. Certainly the most nicely presented. Here is a Bing link. If that's not good enough, try Google with the same search terms (I now boycott Google) Diez en punto is a television newscast on Univision. Last night they said there is no way the Moroccan guy is guilty, because it is proven (and acknowledged by the Moroccan embassy) that he did not have a passport to leave in the van. This is a major bombshell, and Diez En Punto is highly credible. Probably the best I have seen in Mex.

If you are not getting this information where you are, through whatever news source, IT IS CENSORED, there is absolutely no mistake about what this newscast said and there is no possible way they messed this up.

Diez En Punto is the only newscast that does not consistently upset me, they actually do real independent reporting and are not just a drone outlet for AP. And they NAIL IT, if they said this, it is golden.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Criminal Cabal: Important Updates, And The SAA Has Been Cutting Fraud ISIS Forces To Shreds!

First, I am honestly sick and tired of the stupidity and ignorance of people since that fraud "incident" happened late last week in Charlottesville Virginia... Apparently the American public generally are truly that stupid in not seeing what has been happening since that set up and operation... The criminal Jewish elite are wanting to see America now enter a state of "civil war" so that they can bring forward their long sought plans to both end the American republic (or what is left of it) and to bring about their long needed police state.... I for one wish that people would wake the fuck up, not be drawn into the bullshit of both "political correctness" and all the crapola that has been happening in the name of "correcting history" and see WHO is behind all of this fraud "Left versus Right" crap!

Well, rather than delve into the Charlottesville crapola, I figure I would bring forward some important updates on the ever changing situation in Syria, where the good guys aka the SAA are not only winning the war but now clearly have the fraud of ISIS fully on the run and to the point of full collapse....

First, I want to present a fabulous new article from the Southfront website, at, where apparently the SAA has just won a massive strategic victory by finally uniting the forces pushing south from Ithraya with those pushing northwest from Palmyra... Here is the link to that report for all to see here:

OK, what this important victory has done is to fully cut off a very large amount of ISIS forces operating to the far west in the vicinity of Uqayrabat and leave them helpless to their destruction by the SAA... This also tears a massive hole in the "ISIS" defenses and leaves the SAA open with the removal of the Uqayrabat pocket to push forward enmass to relieve the forces at Deir Ez-Zor... Here is another article from Southfront that explains how this victory will indeed free up some 5000 pro-Government forces for actions elsewhwer across Syria:

And of course this once again is a massive moral victory for the Syrian people who want the scourge of the US backed "rebels" and "terrorists" removed from their nation and of course and with no shock here, the Jew spew media is refusing to even mention this important action in Syria as it is a defeat for the US plans for Syrian conquest.

BUT I am a bit perturbed today at Southfront themselves, for they have fallen into the trap of the falsehood of this non-existent "Iranian missile base" that is NOT being built in Syria as I mentioned in my last article... Here is the link to the latest "update" from Southfront that for the strangest reason is falling for this bullshit of "Iranian missiles" in Syria:

Yes, this article just like others states that there is "allegedly" a missile base being built in Syria.. But we have NO proof of such an undertaking at all other than the bullshit being pushed by the liars in the Israeli media to believe...

OK, A reality check is in order here... The Iranians have no need what so ever to build a "missile" plant in Syria as I have shown and logic dictates that they need not put offensive missiles into Syria for their missiles can hit Israel from Iran with ease.... This "missile base" in Syria is also illogical for it would only serve the criminal psychotic Israeli's purpose of having their latest excuse to bomb the crap out of Syria and to have their minions in the US go right in with a full invasion....  It therefore defies all logic and therefore is a fraud...

I am trying my best to keep up with the ever changing reports coming out of Syria... The long sought relief of Deir Ez-Zor is still on the table for the SAA, but their breaking of fraud "ISIS" forces in the far western edge of Hamas province is some of the best news yet....

Again, as more reports do come up and are of interest, I will present them here... I for one am sick of the lies and bullshit of an impending 'race war' in America that the Jewish criminals want desperately, and I want to have readers see that there is indeed news elsewhere that is of greater importance...

More to come


Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Can You Smell The Bullshit Here?: Liars In Israeli Media Are Now Claiming Iran Is Building New Long Range Missile Facility In Syria!

With all of the Jew spew media in both the US and Canada still focused with the bullshit that just happened in Charlottesville Virginia, there is indeed so much that has been happening elsewhere in the world... And while the American sheep have had their minds purposely brainwashed with the lies about that "incident", things are heating up once again in Syria, especially with reports about the ongoing battles between the Syrian Government Forces (SAA) and the fraudulent US backed ISIS group of mercenaries and murderers...

Well, I was wondering what the psychotic state of Israel would come up with to "justify" their direct intervention into the Syrian conflict to try to stem the tide of victory by the SAA, and apparently they have now come up with such extreme bullshit that it is almost laughable... For according to the following report from the Southfront news service, at, apparently the liars in the Israeli news services are now claiming that Iran has been building a new "long range missile facility" inside Syria itself!  Here is that ridiculous report here for everyone to see for themselves, and of course I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:


The Israeli media reported on Tuesday that Iran is building a facility in northwest Syria to manufacture long-range missiles and showed satellite images allegedly depicting the site under construction. The images show an alleged missile factory near Baniyas that appears to be identical to Iranian factories built in Tehran.
The construction on the site allegedlystarted last year and is expected to be finished by the end of 2017.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said last week that Iran was strengthening its foothold in Syria as ISIS was losing ground in the  country. He added that Israel was watching developments and would act against any threat.
“Our policy is clear: We vehemently oppose the military buildup by Iran and its proxies, primarily Hezbollah, in Syria and we will do whatever it takes to protect Israel’s security,” Netanyahu said.
The Israeli company ImageSat International released images that it said show factories “with great similarity to missile factories in Iran”:
Iran Builds New Long-Range Missile Facility In Syria - Report
Click to see the full-size image
Iran Builds New Long-Range Missile Facility In Syria - Report
Click to see the full-size image
Iran Builds New Long-Range Missile Facility In Syria - Report
Click to see the full-size image
Iran Builds New Long-Range Missile Facility In Syria - Report
Click to see the full-size image

NTS Notes:  When I read the article and saw the pictures, I could not help but to laugh my ass off...  This is so ridiculous and I am truly surprised that anyone with even the lowest IQ can fall for this complete and utter bullshit...

Lets do a reality check here... Israel has been begging their slaves in the US government to end their P5+1 Iranian nuclear deal for years now, and most recently they have been pushing their US puppet President, Donald Drumpf, to claim that Iran has not been fulfilling their end of that deal... And with that still not making the progress that the Israelis want in their push for a war against Iran, I knew that they had to come up with something else... And this "long range missile" facility is the best they can come up with????

But watch now as the liars in the American Jew spew media go hog wild with this report to whip up American sheep support for a widening of the war in Syria as well as an attack on Iran itself... I can guarantee that it is coming....

Here is the facts as well... Iran has no need to build such a facility inside Syria at all, for their present missile technology has long given them the capability to hit Israel from launching facilities inside Iran itself... What we have here is not only complete and utter bullshit but just another excuse for the psychos in Israel to launch bombing raids inside Syria in support of their bullshit ISIS forces... That and to allow Israel to escalate the situation in Syria by directly intervening for their own want to have Bashar al-Assad overthrown..

The bottom line is this.. This report from the psychos in Israel is a real laugher and so ridiculously stupid... The pictures are either doctored and/or these pictures are NOT of a "missile facility" at all... I for one am hoping that everyone will look at these, use some common sense here, and call bullshit as well...

More to come


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Criminal Cabal: Important Video Documentary Shows How Women Are Really Treated Under Assad's Control

With all of the liars in the Jew spew media constantly pushing the lies of Charlottesville Virginia down the throats of everyone over these last few days, little attention has been paid to events happening elsewhere across the globe... I too have not put up much material over this last while in regards to that "civil war" going on in Syria, and I figure it is about time for a new article on the truths about Syria...

I was sent the following video some time ago, and I figure I would share it with my readers here.... It tells the truth about how life is like in Syria under Bashar al-Assad's government, and what would happen to women if the so called "rebels" and "terrorists" were able to seize that nation... It is an eye opener!  I have that video right here for all to see for themselves, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Yes, this is indeed an eye opener and shows a reality about Syria that the liars in the Jew spew media are constantly avoiding...

The fact is simple.. Syria is NOT this backward Arabic nation where women are forced to wear the "Burkha" and be hidden from public view unless they are accompanied and controlled by men... That type of environment is in the psychotic nation of Saudi Arabia where women are tortured, brutalized, and treated like second hand citizens!

Yes, this video shows a side of Syria that has been purposely kept away from everyone.. One where ALL citizens, no matter what their culture, religion, or SEX are treated as full equals.. .And we can thank President Bashar al-Assad for keeping it that way!

Honestly, I am sick and tired of the lies about Syria that are constantly rammed into our brains by the liars in the Jew spew media... I have long known them to be untrue, and I will continue to bring forward articles, and videos, that expose these liars for the scumbags that they really are....

More to come


Monday, August 14, 2017

Updated! Charlottesville Virginia Incident: What Really Happened And My Take...

Yes, there was indeed an "incident" in Charlotteville Virginia USA just a few days ago. that has claimed the life of at least one person in an apparent hit and run attack using a motor vehicle, that has sparked so much interest in everyone.... The Jew spew media has been all over this incident, claiming that it was an attack by a "white nationalist" that was attending a "ultra white nationalist "Nazi" rally" against innocent people... The liars in the media have been going almost nonstop over these last few days spewing out report after report about this incident in an apparent need to brainwash people and bury the real truths about this incident... Therefore once again, I do smell a rat here.....

I for one am really sick and tired of the liars in the media harping again and again that such rallies are run by "Nazis" for that stupid title has long been a lame excuse to call anyone that stands up for rights of some people either "haters" or "Nazis".... I will not hold any punches here, for we have seen so many times that these "White nationalist rallies" have been set ups by the criminals that actually want to have the rights of Whites destroyed.. They run these rallies not to support the rights of the White rally attenders, but to circumvent their rights and to make them look like bigots and haters.. And we can thank Jewish groups such as those run by George Soros as the financiers of these "rallies" for this twisted logic..... I have seen so many times that the people behind this "neo Nazi" or "Nazi" movement are none other than agent provocateurs or Jews!

OK, so what really did happen at Charlottesville Virginia last Friday?  Yes, there was a "rally" that absolutely was circumvented by those who wanted to see violence take place just to once again make it look like "White people are haters and racists"...... But of course while the "rally" was going on and the marchers were making their way through the town peacefully, cue the real troublemakers to make their appearance and begin the riots against these "White Nationalists"... Apparently the violence escalated (while the police in attendance did nothing to stop the escalation!) and the Jew spew reports showed that one "White Nationalist" supposedly "panicked", got into his car, and then proceeded to "mow down" some of the rioters!   This "attack" is of course what we see going on nonstop in the Jew spew media reports... But again, are we being told the truth?  Obviously not....

Right now, I want to bring forward the following clip from Jim Stone's website at, that shows that we are not being told the truth about what happened in Charlottesville, especially the fact that there was more than ONE car involved in this "attack"... Here is that clip:

About the so-called "attack by car" in Richmond

Here's what they are censoring: A couple of the Soros thugs attacked James Fields car with baseball bats. These attacks have been conveniently edited from the MSM scam machine. Fields only hits the gas AFTER his car got attacked, with the thugs breaking a tail light and the back window with a baseball bat. 

Additionally, two other cars rammed the crowd before Fields, and one of them (for certain) was a black woman! Since it is now legal to mow down protesters and use your car as a defensive weapon if it is attacked, Fields is guilty of nothing.Howcome the MSM is not talking about the other drivers that did the same thing? Were both black? Fields simply did what anyone would have done, and acted according to law.

But since there is a race hatred mantra to push, the MSM is saying none of this, and Youtube has entirely expunged the videos that show what really happened, thanks to their honesty and agenda free platform. If two other cars did the same thing before Fields, and the drivers were black, then what we have here is a media white wash, and an agenda push to frame whites as the villains, as usual. Let's see them mention the other two cars, which clearly hit people first. You won't see that, because they can't milk a "white supremacist" line from that!

OK, Jim has presented here some startling facts that people are overlooking.. Especially the fact that there was indeed at least TWO other vehciles involved, and apparently they were driven by BLACK drivers!  I can see now how the Jew spew media wants to avoid this reality and continue to try to frame the "white guy" only for this attack!

*Update! Jim has just posted another take on this Virginia car incident, and I want to present his latest  assessment here:

After watching the videos of the car incident in South Carolina, I am changing my post.

As it turns out, the guy who rammed the crowd is a probable JEW! I can totally see a Jew behaving the way this guy did, they are really bad like that and would freak out past the max with any threat. Let's see how much jail time he gets. That will provide the answer! It looks like a false flag. I don't think the guy driving was in the right at all. True, he got hit by a baseball bat, and that started it all, but his reaction was completely out of line, he could have accomplished the same level of safety by blaring his horn and driving forward at 10 mph, which people can't keep up with well but would allow the crowd to get out of the way.. He did not have to blast through the crowd at 40 mph. 

AND NOW THE HUGE PROBLEM WITH IT ALL:Why no airbag deployment? He hit the van hard enough to deploy the airbags. This is suspicious, and reeks of a probable pre-meditated intelligence agency style setup. In some cars it is possible to disable the passenger airbag, (mine has that, you disable it with the ignition key) but what about the drivers side airbag? Additionally, after such a big impact, most cars have a sensor that shuts off the fuel pump, and you have to manually push the switch to start it again. This whole thing reeks, I don't know what else to say, other than that if the driver was not doing a job, he's a first class prick. Oh, I jest - it takes a real dink to do a job like that to begin with, so either way, he's not a nice guy.

NTS Note: Honestly, I am like Jim in that I am still searching for the answers, and I too can see the tribe behaving the way this driver supposedly did... However, there may be more to this than meets the eye, and more information is still coming out even now about this "driver"....

I also came across this most interesting report from Mike White, over at his website "Tomato Bubble" at, that backs my idea up that this entire "rally" was staged by the very people who want to once again vilify white people, and calls into question the entire "vehicle attack" that does appear to be staged!  Here is the link to Mike's report here for everyone to read:

OK, now I hope that readers can understand why I smell a rat here... This is too perfect for the criminals that want to once again vilify and destroy the whites of our nations..... And I am truly perplexed by the videos that the Jew spew media has been releasing from this "incident" ...Some of them look so staged, much like all of those false flag "attacks" that we have seen right across America over these last few years.. .And luckily at least one Youtube user has been able to get past the criminal Youtube censorship group and has released a video that calls into question this "attack" by claiming that it appears to be staged and apparently involves crisis actors!.. Here is that video here:

Well, there you have it... My take is simple.. The timing of this "attack" is just too perfect, and to have it happen at this "White Nationalist rally" is just too perfect for the Jewish criminals that want to see the rights of white people destroyed....

And of course with the Jew spew media going round the clock 24/7 with their 'reports' about this 'attack', we all should be weary and question this incident fully and rationally..... And to finally top off all the reports that I have presented, I want to show how the Jew spew media is now making the driver of that vehicle, James Alex Fields, into a "Nazi supporter" by making the ridiculous claim that he became a "Nazi" after a "school trip to Dachau in Germany" a few years back, and claiming that he thought "Nazis were real cool guys".... Talk about setting up the patsy for this attack!  Read the link to this outrageous report here:

Now you see what is happening here?  The Jewish media is working at brainwashing the idiots that watch their bullshit networks to make this out as an "attack" by a crazed "white nationalist" and will continue to bring forward the most stupid and outrageous reports to make this James Alex Fields out to be some type of psychopath!

I for one am not fooled at all by what is happening here... This is all part of the continuing push to vilify white people and to push the fraud of "diversity" down our throats...  And from what I have seen and read over these last few days, this is exactly what is happening!

As more real truths about this "incident" come forward, I will do my best to bring them forward here.. I also again call on readers to send me what material they do find that has not been "censored" by Youtube or Google.... I will present all new evidence here for all to see.... And stay tuned, for there is more to this story than what meets the eye!

More to come


*Update, August 14th, 2017:  THIS is interesting... Supposedly the police force in Charlottesville were ordered by the Mayor of Charlottesville to STAND DOWN and do NOTHING in regards to this  march and the subsequent riot!  Here is the link to that report here:

AND... Here is another interesting update from the Government Slaves website, where the author is calling this 'attack' a staged confrontation!  Here is the link to THAT report here:

This backs up what I and others are seeing here... This was a staged event and the gullible sheep out there have fallen for the criminals' trick once again...

*Update, August 15th, 2017: Jim Stone over at has been all over this "incident" and has now put up an amazing set of articles that show that this Charlottesville "attack" was a SET UP and was conducted by some of the worse "Liberals" around and especially those who are supporters of Killary Clinton (Imagine my lack of shock here...)... I will not cut and paste those updates, but will recommend that readers take a gander and realize that this was indeed a major operation as I and others have long suspected!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, August 13th, 2017

Well, it is Sunday once again... And of course time for my weekly rant..

It has been a normal Summer in this part of central Canada, and all indications are that we are heading towards a very cold and brutal winter this year... I for one am sick and tired of all of the fraud and bullshit reports saying that this has been the "warmest year on record" when the reality shows very differently.... Apparently the idiots behind the fiasco of man caused "climate change" or "Global Warming" are going all in now to push as hard as they can for their Carbon Tax fleecing of the general public even with more and more people now truly awakened to the fact that this "Climate Change" rhetoric is all a hoax...

I saw all of the reports this last week concerning the scam artist, Al Gore, and his follow up to the bullshit "Inconvenient Truth" movie of almost a decade ago entitled "An Inconvenient Sequel" where apparently this "movie" is absolutely bombing at the box offices (They released it here in one theatre and it was pulled after just a few days because of NO audiences!).    THIS more than anything else shows that people have had enough of Al Gore and his bullshit "Global Warming" hoax and will not put up with the lies any longer...

However, I must reiterate again that the criminal Canadian government in Ottawa is still pushing ahead with their fraud "Carbon Tax" scheme and will force the Canadian provinces to accept some form of that fleecing of their citizens by this December or the Feds will threaten to cut "transfer payments" to the provinces... This is in fact unmitigated blackmail, as most of the provinces in Canada are dependent on a lot of money from Ottawa, in the form of "transfer payments" that has been collected from Federal taxation of the Canadian people, to fund infrastructure and health services in their own provinces.... I for one hope that the Canadian people are aware of this blackmail by the Trudeau regime and will stand firm against this fraud of Carbon Taxes!

OK, What can I say about North Korea.... I for one am not sold on the US going to war against North Korea, for that is insanity... I instead look at all this fear mongering as a form of "fear porn" being shoved into peoples' brains to have them panic.... That panic works great for the US government that wants to see massive increases in military spending and convincing their own people to spend billions on "missile defence" systems that as I showed in my last article DO NOT WORK....The reality here is simple, for fear propaganda does wonders for the defence industry and the military industrial complex, and right now those bastards are making BILLIONS from this "North Korean threat" that to me is almost non-existent...

Lets have a reality check here on North Korea itself... That nation of some 26 million people has been isolated for decades and has not attacked anyone since the Korean war of 1950-1953....It does have a massive army but that army's equipment and capabilities are limited to fighting a mostly defensive war.... The North Koreans are in fact no match in terms of technology to the South Korean military and that nation's own prowess and capabilities let alone the military might of the US... I therefore can not see the North Koreans doing something as foolish as to launch an attack against South Korea and especially against the United States... Such an attack would be suicidal.... Therefore something else is going on here...

Which brings us once again to the American base at Guam... I said last week that we may be seeing a planned "false flag" attack on that island, conducted by the US but blamed on North Korea, to 'justify" America unilaterally attacking North Korea as "revenge"..... We have all seen so many false flags in the past, and this one will be no different... If there is any "incident" over the next week where Guam is attacked, we must all not fall for the false rhetoric that it was "North Korea" that did the deed, but squarely put the blame on the US itself..... AND we must not forget that China has stated clearly that if the US does attack North Korea, they will come to the defence of that nation as part of their own defence pact with North Korea..... I do wonder if the lunatics in the Pentagon are really ready for a massive world war against the 1.4 billion people living in China over their own foolish false flag against neighbouring North Korea!

In my last article, I pointed out the fact that "missile defence" is in fact useless and in spite of improvements in technology, can be easily overwhelmed by any massive aerial attack... Therefore there is to me a more sinister reason why the US has been pushing hard to have South Korea and other nations suddenly buy their THAAD "anti missile" defensive system... And apparently the real threat of THAAD has not been in the missiles themselves, but the massive accompanying radar systems that can not only sweep the skies looking for "incoming missiles" but can peer for hundreds of miles into enemy territory... THIS is why the Chinese have been dead set against the South Koreans installing the THAAD system, for it is not in the defensive missiles that do not work, but the radar systems that the US will clandestinely use to peer deep into Chinese territory......  And of course with all of this 'North Korea' fear mongering, we find not only the South Koreans now rushing to put in the THAAD system out of fear of North Korean "missile attack" but many other nations as well....Yes, we now see the game here, for the "fear porn" of North Korea is working wonders for the purveyors of weapons and weapon systems....

I have been watching the news continue to be fantastic out of Syria these days... The SAA is continuing their advances against the fraud US backed "moderate rebels" in southern Syria, while making great gains in both Homs and Deir Ez-Zor provinces.....With the capture of al-Sukhneh east of Palmyra last week, the SAA can pivot north and join up with SAA forces moving south from the village of Kadir.  If these two forces can join, they will entrap several thousand US fraud "ISIS" forces that are still to the far west in Homs province and shorten the lines of attack for the push towards the city of Deir Ez-Zor itself..... As well, Tiger forces along the Euphrates River have now isolated the city of Maadan and once that city is secured, can finally launch their long awaited offensive to relieve the entrapped forces at Deir Ez-Zor.....

I am very puzzled by the situation in al-Raqqa, and the so called "liberation" of that key city that has been going on for months now and apparently still is NOT "liberated".... I again must point out the FACT that the US mercenaries and murderers aka "ISIS" that were in that city were actually evacuated with US assistance to be redeployed into Deir Ez-Zor province back at the end of March of this year.... This means that when the Kurdish forces started their attacks on al-Raqqa, I question WHOM they are actually fighting?   The logic here is simple: If ISIS was removed from al-Raqqa back at the end of March, then who is actually defending al-Raqqa now?..... I do wonder if what we are seeing in al-Raqqa is a repeat of the "liberation" of Mosul in Iraq, where the forces sent into that city did not attack "ISIS" that were evacuated from Mosul a full month before the attack, but attacked and slaughtered civilians.... What I do believe is happening in al-Raqqa is not a "liberation" at all, but a genocidal attack on civilians as part of an ethnic cleansing campaign by the Kurds.....And apparently that may be exactly what is going in al-Raqqa, for there are indeed reports out these last few weeks that called into question the attacks on al-Raqqa, especially the US bombing civilians in that city by using illegal White Phosphorus and causing horrendous civilian casualties......Therefore I see the attack on al-Raqqa as part of the sick Kurdish want for their own nation to be carved out of northern Syria, and these bastards may indeed be "ethnic cleansing" the Arabic population in the region to clear them out and make room for their 'nation'!

One other note about Syria.. I saw some most interesting reports over the last few days where apparently the fraud of ISIS that should be beaten down like the dog they are has in fact, in spite of their constant defeats in both Syria and Iraq, been spreading and increasing their presence world wide.... The articles could not figure out how this is happening, and I have the answer for them; It is the US and their want to not let their fraud "ISIS" die.  The US government has been and will continue to send their "ISIS terrorists" everywhere world wide when they require "regime change" in a nation that defies US control.... We only need to look at the Philippines, where in spite of the massive push by the Filipino army to eliminate this fraud from Mindanao island, the "ISIS terrorists" are still there and strangely, in spite of overwhelming odds against them, still able to fight back.  This is due to the US continuing to send them support clandestinely..... Yes, what the reporters fail to say in their articles about how ISIS is not going away is the fact that the US is and always has been the creators and supporters of that fraud "terrorist group".  The only way ISIS will ever disappear is when the US government decides to put an end to them and that is not coming any time soon.....

Yes, there is a solar eclipse that will be seen across the central part of the continental United States on the late morning of August 21st.....And because I live in central Canada, I will not be able to see any totality, and only a partial eclipse..... I in fact am quite envious of my American neighbours, and I do hope that many that are in the path of totality do take part in the event... I was able to witness the solar eclipse of early 1979 from here in central Canada and I found it amazing.....I also do want to make the point that readers should not look directly at the Sun during the time the moon moves to cover its surface, and have the proper eye wear available for any observation..... And I want to mention that I am having a real good laugh at the 'flat earth' idiots out there that are now searching for their excuses to explain how eclipses even work on their "flat pizza" world... Their excuses have been a real hoot and shows clearly that they are indeed clueless rejects from clown college.....

One other note before I close this rant with my last minute tidbits.... I finally went to go and see a specialist this last week to take a look at the problems I have had for decades with my horrific sinuses... Well, the specialist took a real close look at my throat and especially my nose, and he came to the conclusion that I have a "Nasal septum deviation" that has caused any breathing through my nose to be almost non-existent these days... And that deviation along with my shitty sinuses may be the reason why I have been so prone to a vast assortment of ailments from sinus infections to horrific sinus headaches.... He recommended that I get surgery to correct and open up my nasal cavities and I am presently in the process of arranging that surgery....  Yes, I am stubborn and I have been my own worst enemy at times for not getting this corrected sooner.....But at least this may clear up so many problems and allow me to at least breathe a lot easier....

OK, onto my last minute tidbits...... While the world has been so diverted by this bullshit going on in regards to North Korea, the genocide of the people of Yemen is now in full motion.  Recent reports show that thousands of Yemeni people have already died from Cholera and other diseases linked to starvation and malnutrition, and the situation will only get worse in the upcoming weeks.  And yes, we can all thank the US and their support of the evil Saudis for creating this genocide!.......I see that while the world has been so focused in on North Korea, the criminal Israelis once again launched a fraud bottle rocket by one of their agents from Gaza back into Israel that has hit nothing.  And the Israelis have once again used this fraud "rocket attack" as their excuse once again to bomb the shit out of the entrapped people of Gaza.......Yes, I have been watching the reports about this "border incident" that is presently heating up between China and India.  Honestly, I cannot see these two nations going to all out war, as China has the more important issue of North Korea on its plate.  Hopefully the Chinese and Indians will do the right thing and sit down in diplomacy rather than start shooting at each other!........I see that the distraction of "RussiaGate" has fallen by the wayside for the moment due to the Jew spew media in America so focused on the North Korea fiasco.  But again, this entire "Russia Gate" is a fiasco in itself and a distraction to prevent the real criminal involved in the whole mess, Killary Clinton, avoid being put on trial for her criminal dealings with Russia as well as her crimes against humanity...... Yes, reports are now coming out crystal clear that the real estate bubble here in Canada has "popped" and I do wonder where Justin Trudeau and his cronies in Ottawa  are when Canada needs some economic guidance right now to prevent a full meltdown.   A warning for my fellow Canadians in regards to this economic mess: The worse is yet to come!.........I am sick of this bullshit of "political correctness" and I saw a report where there is a horrendous "video" online  at "Youtube" called "In A Heartbeat" that is an insult to humanity and should be BANNED at all cost.  This "video" shows two young boys partaking in anal sex between themselves, and I for one can not understand why people are not up in arms and demanding that filth be removed.  But we all know which "tribe" controls the shit called "Youtube" and we all know by now that they want to promote this filth as part of their sickness to destroy the family unit.   I will put it simply here: FUCK YOU YOUTUBE AND YOUR FILTH!..........As I said in my last rant, there is a petition going around that everyone MUST sign (I did, even though I live in Canada...).  It is calling for a '5 year moratorium' on the usage of vaccines in America due to the ever increasing evidence that not only these vaccines do not work, but actually do damage to the people stupid enough to take them.  That petition should go viral, and everyone must sign it immediately.........Someone asked me what I thought about the advent of Artificial Intelligence, and I for one am worried.  Any artificial intelligence could see mankind as the greatest threat to this planet's survival and may indeed work to have us all eliminated or subdued to save this planet from ourselves.  That sadly is a reality that nobody wants to hear.........Yes!  Premiere League soccer is back and the best thing happened two days ago where the Gunners beat Leicester City by the score of 4-3 on two late goals to pull out the victory.   This is good news for Arsenal, but again it is a long season.............And finally, to hell with the Kardashians this week, for I found something else just as laughable and yet disturbing.  Some Americans were approached on the streets of Los Angeles recently and many were asked to point out on a world map exactly where North Korea was.  Well, guess what?  MOST did not have a clue, and many pointed on the map at Canada!  It is to me so amazing on how most Americans are brainwashed by the liars about North Korea being this "threat" when many do not even have the foggiest idea where North Korea is!  Maybe Americans should actually spend the time getting a proper education before they think about bombing other nations?

More to come