Saturday, March 17, 2018

Family Situation Means Tomorrow's Rant Will Be Delayed (Again).. And I Do Need A Vacation!

I cannot believe the string of bad luck I have been having... My better half went through a really tough and brutal sickness last week and finally was on the road to recovery by the end of the week, when yesterday another crisis hit..

My 87 year old mother got up very late on Friday evening, probably to use the bathroom, and fell over hard breaking her hip bone...  Luckily she was carrying a "life alert" unit and paramedics were alerted almost instantly to her situation and they arrived shortly after the incident and took her to the local hospital... I was alerted within hours of the situation and I spent some time yesterday visiting her before she went into an operation to fix her broken hip bone.... The operation was a success and she will be at the hospital for at least the next week before being sent home to hopefully heal...

I will be spending some time tomorrow of course visiting her at the hospital, and as a result I will be definitely delayed once again in getting tomorrow's rant out.....

I have indeed been having one heck of a string of bad luck these last few weeks, with one issue and  family problem after another...... I decided yesterday that to keep my own sanity, I do need a vacation.....

Yes, I will definitely be taking a vacation starting next Saturday, the 24th of March.... It is long overdue and I do plan to not write at this blog for at least a week.....  And I do not need to worry about my mother, for I am expecting that my other family members will be able to look after her needs...

Thanks everyone for understanding.. I absolutely do need a vacation!

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Friday, March 16, 2018

Important Date To Remember: 15 Years Ago, Rachel Corrie Was Murdered By The Monsters In Israel!

Yes, it has been a long time now... 15 years to be precise.... Today marks the 15th anniversary of that fateful day when a brave young woman by the name of Rachel Corrie stood defiant in front of an armoured Israeli bulldozer trying to stop the demolition of a Palestinian doctor's house, only to be crushed by the psychotic Israeli driver of that bullzozer... Rachel never survived that act of cold blooded murder and to this day the monsters in Israel call this an "accident" or "Rachel's own fault"!

To honor the memory of Rachel Corrie, I want to present the following article from the Desert Peace website, at, that is entitled: "Remembering Rachel Corrie" for everyone to view for themselves... I of course do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:


March 16 marks 15 years since Rachel Corrie was killed. She died putting her body between a bulldozer and a home she was trying to protect in Gaza. She has inspired so many and we salute her and those who carry on her legacy.
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NTS Notes:  It is astounding that 15 years now after this act of murder that the US government has done absolutely NOTHING to investigate and charge the psychos in the IDF for what they did to Rachel... Such is the diabolical and insane control that the criminal Jews do have on the US nation!

Every year now for the last 10 I have honored the memory of Rachel by posting an article on the anniversary of her murder..... I will continue to do so, for the world must always be told about this injustice that proves how truly evil these monsters are....

When the day finally arrives that all of Palestine is free from that Jewish Israeli scourge that has been illegally and systematically destroying that nation, I truly want to see the Palestinian people put up a proper memorial for this brave young woman for all to see ..... That day cannot come soon enough...

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UK Skripal Poisoning False Flag: My Take On This Incident

I have received several emails and comments over the last while asking me WHY I have not even bothered to touch upon the recent "poisoning" of known 66 year old Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his 22 year old daughter Yulai, back on March 4th 2018 while they sat at a bench in the middle of Salisbury, UK.....  I figure I would touch on some facts about this "incident" here...

First and foremost.. I have not bothered to discuss this interesting event for the simple fact that I saw it as a definite set up and an elaborate operation that was NOT conducted by the "big bad Russians" as the liars in the UK government and the Jew spew media proclaim.... EVERYTHING that has been put forward by the Jew spew media up to this point in time makes absolutely NO sense at all...... For instance, we have the constant theme being pushed that the Russians did this deed by using a VX nerve gas called "Novichok" that is absolutely nearly impossible to produce and administer, which begs the quesiotn as to where this nerve agent came from?.. And second, how would the Russians gain from this act, as they have no qualms against the UK right now, which begs the question as to "who benefits" from doing this deed?

I may not have written anything at this blog up to this time about this "act of terrorism" as the UK government claims up to now, but gladly my fellow Canadian truth seeker, Penny, who of course writes "Penny For Your Thoughts" at, has been "all over" this incident with some amazing reports that I do want to share the links to here...

First, Penny came out with this initial report one week ago today, entitled "About That Alleged Poisoning Of Sergei Skripal" that absolutely calls into question every single fact presented by the liars over at the Jew spew media outlets and indeed sees this thing as a set up for the vilification of Russia... Here is the link to that report here:

When I too first heard about this "poisoning", I thought to myself "Oh come on, now!  WHY would the Russians do such a thing?  And at this time?"..... Penny is right in that the story line kept changing and changing, and that alone made me thing "false flag" being conducted by either the US CIA or the Israeli Mossad!....

But it gets better, for in a subsequent report also from Penny, apparently there may have been a pretext for this "poisoning" where the UK was all on board with supporting US style "Magnitsky sanctions" against Russia for this alleged "poisoning"... Here is the link to that report here from Penny:

And of course I was also wondering exactly what the UK would say to the Russians about their "alleged poisoning", and it did not take long after that point where the UK "threatened" Russia demanding an answer from the Russian government within "24 hours" for that "attack"... Here is the link to a report also from Penny's site on the UK's threat here:

Honestly, when I read this report about the UK putting out an "ultimatum" to Russia for this alleged "poisoning" I wanted to laugh my ass off... Are the idiots in the British government this fucking serious?  What type of action would they do if the Russians failed to respond?   The UK is in no position to do anything against the Russian Federation even if the Russians had done the deed (even with the evidence now pointing elsewhere..) as the UK is nothing more than a shadow of its former greatness....

I actually did put out one comment at Penny's site after reading this "ultimatum" and I want to share that one here with my readers:

OK... Lets see... What exactly will the UK intend to use against Russia if the Russians do not "respond" as May demands?

The UK will unleash their army right? Well, needless to say but the UK army is a shadow of what it used to be and cannot even afford proper weapons.

Well then, the UK will unleash their navy, right? Well, recently the entire UK navy was basically forced into dry dock due to lack of weapons, personnel and even money to go to sea...

OK, OK, the UK will unleash their airforce.. Right? Well, the UK's airforce is also a shadow of former greatness with most of its updated Typhoon fighters not even being able to carry weapons due to costs.. And the UK has made the mistake of buying those god awful F-35 flying turkeys.. So their airforce would be shot down within a day if it had to tackle the Russian superior airforce...

Well.. As a last resort, the UK will use its nuclear weapons... Right? Wrong, the UK is also a shadow of its former greatness with its Trident missile submarines basically unable to stay at sea for any length of time due to costs again... And honestly, would May be this insane as to risk a nuclear war against Russia?

The UK is a mess both militarily and economically and is absolutely not a match for even one arm of the Russian Federation's forces... And as Putin has said so many times, he has no intention of attacking anyone in NATO, for other than evil posturing by the US in driving the alliance towards stupidity, EVERY NATO country is a basket case and could collapse economically within the next year.... So again, why would Putin even bother with the UK at all?

Honestly, when I saw the reports about this poisoning, I could not help but to think ... "Mossad.... Mossad... Mossad..." for the facts are that Russia gains nothing from that attack, but the goddamn Jews and of course the US would gain a propaganda victory by having Russia vilified in the UK.....

Yes, the UK again is in NO position to do anything to "retaliate" against Russia, and all this is is bellicose stupidity by May and her pipsqueak government..... And again, I pointed out that this "poisoning" is indeed the earmarks of the Mossad (or the CIA) for they are the ones that are the only ones to gain from this "poisoning" by vilifying Russia!

But it does get better, for just the other day, Penny followed up all of her amazing reports on this "poisoning" with an article that does point the finger towards the UK's own "top secret defense labs" as being the ones producing that controversial "nerve agent" that was used for this poisoning!  Here is the link to that report here:

Yes, the more we look into this "poisoning" the more the whole thing does stink to high heaven!  And I do want to thank Penny for bringing forward these amazing articles that do cover this "Incident" in great detail...

Now, the big question arises.. What do the Russians have to say about all this?   Needless to say, but for the last few weeks, the Russians have absolutely denied any involvement in this alleged "poisoning" and have asked again and again for any "proof" that proves their involvement..

I need not go into great detail here about all of the reports coming out of the Russian media since this "poisoning" that shows that Russia had absolutely nothing to do with this attack, but I will present the latest one here from Sputnik News online, at, that clearly asks the "investigators" into this alleged poisoning to come forward with any details to determine the truth behind this incident... Here is the link to that report here:

I for one can guarantee that the British will not give the Russians any "details", simply because they are hell bent on making sure the story line stays that the Russians "did the deed" ... .I for one am absolutely convinced that Russia had nothing to do with this poisoning, and that it was indeed a "false flag" conducted by our good old friends in the CIA and Mossad... Again, "WHO BENEFITS" from this poisoning?

There is indeed a lot more than "meets the eye" in regards to this incident, and I will follow up this report with a future one when evidence comes forward about who did it and why... So stay tuned..

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Thursday, March 15, 2018

The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Scourge: Updates On Situation - SAA Is About To Destroy The East Ghouta Pocket, And Therefore The US Is Once Again Threatening Retaliation!

I have been watching the war in Syria very closely these last few days, as most everyone in the alternative media has been as well.... The good guys, the Syrian government forces (SAA) along with their Russian and Arabic allies, have been concentrating their efforts on the final conquering of the East Ghouta pocket of US backed "Al Qaeda" resistance, and are now pushing into the urban stronghold areas within the pocket itself advancing from the east... It has been a brilliant move by the SAA due to the major portion of the defenses in East Ghouta are on the western side of the pocket itself....  It does look like the last of the "terrorists" left in East Ghouta will indeed have to surrender very shortly, or be destroyed.

To discuss the present and ongoing situation in East Ghouta, I do want to present the latest update from the Southfront website, at, that gives a great overview of this ongoing battle, and has some pretty good maps of the situation for everyone to follow... Here is the link to that report here for all to see for themselves:

And right here is the latest map of the battle for East Ghouta that shows the steady advances of the SAA as they continue to shrink the last strongholds down in size:

I too have been watching the maps over the last while that shows the steady gains by the SAA in East Ghouta, and again I am happy to see the SAA and their allies do their best for the well being of the civilians who are now freed from their terrible imprisonment by the US backed "terrorists".... This also flies in the faces of course of the Jew spew media reports that still continue to hype the lie that the SAA is "killing civilians"....

And of course with the imminent victory by the SAA in East Ghouta, the US yesterday demanded that the SAA go no further or the US will directly retaliate against President Assad's forces..... I found the following video from a few days ago important, for it starts with that "Nikki Haley" (real name Nimrata Randhawa) crying the blues in the UN General Assembly and lying her ass off once again about those non-existent "chemical weapons" that the US continues to bullshit about Assad using against his own people.. Here is that video:

I actually watched that entire video earlier today, and that lying bitch opens her mouth and nothing but lies spew out... It is disgusting to behold and I am surprised that the entire world continues to put up with these lies.... I agree with the Russians that this is nothing but "disinformation" from the US...

And yes, the Russians are right again that those fraud "terrorists" would indeed still want to conduct a new "chemical weapons" attack to try to stop their imminent defeat.. And lo and behold, but here we go again today with the so called "White Helmets" (who of course are the real terrorists..) claiming a brand new "chemical weapons" attack in East Ghouta!   Here is a report from Southfront again, that covers this latest ridiculous allegation:

Honestly, how sick is this?  ANYONE with even an ounce of common sense can easily see how ridiculous this "chemical weapons" stupidity really is for the simple fact that there is no way in hell that Assad would even bother "gassing" his own people when he is winning everywhere across Syria!

The situation in Syria is now basically evolving into a more dangerous one by the day... The US/Israel/NATO scourge is once again harping the lies of "chemical weapons" with now a new twist in trying to blame not only the Syrian government, but the Russians and Iranians as well!    I do wonder why the American people continue to tolerate this stupidity and sheer bullshit without taking their own government to task and to actually PROVE that the Syrian government and the Russians are doing such "evil acts" in Syria... Guaranteed, the US Government has NO proof and if they try to bring forward "proof" it will be sheer fraud and lies...

I am continuing to watch the situation change rapidly in Syria.... I for one am hoping that the SAA and their allies finish off the US led "terrorists" in East Ghouta as quickly as possible and well before the US stupidly decides to launch an attack against Syria and possibly escalate this entire conflict into World War III.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: Seven Years And Still Going Strong - New Evidence That Fukushima Was (Is) Indeed A Clandestine Nuclear Weapons Facility

Seven years ago last Sunday, the world experienced the worst nuclear disaster in its recorded history... On that fateful day (Sometimes called "311", like the Israel Mossad attacks of "911") the nuclear facility at Fukushima Daiichi on the island of Honshu in Japan, experienced the meltdown of at least 3 of its 4 main reactor cores, and the subsequent nuclear contamination of not only the nation of Japan, but much of the northern hemisphere of this planet as well.....  And now 7 years after that "disaster" the nuclear contamination continues as the melted cores continue to spew their radioative guts into the atmosphere and the nearby Pacific Ocean.... There is no fix in place yet to contain this disaster and it will continue for years to come...

I have said in so many previous articles on Fukushima that the facility was NOT a simple "nuclear power plant" as Tokyo Electric Power Corporation (TEPCO), the Japanese government, and of course the Jew spew media continues to claim... It was (is) in fact a nuclear weapons facility where the General Electric nuclear reactors were being used to "breed" Uranium reactor material into Plutonium to be used for Japan's clandestine nuclear weapons program....The evidence of that clandestine program rests with the simple fact that when the Israeli Stuxnet virus did its dirty work in causing the plant's nuclear safety systems to fail and subsequently caused the reactors to blow sky high, the material that the facility expelled into the atmosphere was not only Uranium based chemicals and isotopes, but PLUTONIUM material and isotopes as well!

To further show how we have been lied to purposely as to the real existence of the Fukushima nuclear facilities, I want to turn to this most interesting video that just came out a few days ago, where researcher, Yoichi Shimatsu, spent some time and analysed the Fukushima facilities and other local facilities in and around Fukushima and quickly discovered the true nature of the entire complex showing that it is indeed a nuclear weapons facility!  Here is that video for everyone to see right here:

OK, To further back up Shimatsu's claims, I want to present the link to his report from Jeff Rense's website at, that again proves that Fukushima is and never was as the liars in the media and our own governments continue to claim:

I for one feel vindicated once again with this new and startling evidence... I have stated for years now that Fukushima is and always has never been this "nuclear power plant", but has always been a clandestine nuclear weapons facility for Japan's ever growing arsenal of secretive nuclear weapons....

One thing that did startle me is how Shimatsu came across an interesting part of Japan's history that should be an eye opener to those who study the history of nuclear weapons development.... He came across some evidence that Japan's nuclear weapons development dates well back into the late 1930's to the 1940's as part of a supposed joint venture between Japan and Germany.... And yes, if this does prove true, then we have evidence that what we have been told about Japan's nuclear weapons program through our lying "history books" is indeed hogwash and was indeed nothing but pure propaganda and bull crap.... It also may vindicate the evidence that Japan was well on their way to building nuclear weapons during the second World War.... I have shown in previous articles that Japan actually did test fire a nuclear weapon off the coast of what is now North Korea back on August 12th, 1945, and simply ran out of time in making a usable weapon before they had to surrender just days later to the US.

As I have already shown, when Fukushima blew up, it did expel dangerous Plutonium into our atmosphere at an amount that could still kill millions.....But of course because the entire facility was a nuclear weapons plant, our crooked governments continue to cover up any evidence of such by still claiming that "all is well" and the facility was damaged due to a "tsunami"......

I will continue with reports about the truth behind Fukushima in future reports.... The disaster is still going as strong as ever with no end in sight, so stay tuned..

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

US Secretary Of State, Rex Tillerson Fired By President Drumpf: Is He The First RAT To Swim Away From US Government "Sinking Ship"?

I was as shocked as everyone else today when I saw the news this afternoon that US Secretary of State (now former) was "fired" by US President Donald Drumpf earlier today... In his place, we find now a very hawkish "neocon" and real Jewish and Israeli supporter, Michael Pompeo.   This was indeed a most startling development, and IMHO one that means that the so called American "deep state" is moving rapidly now to seize total control of the US Government and quite possibly lead the entire nation into world war III!

I have not had much time today to do a lot of research into the "why" US President Donald  Drumpf made this shocking move at this time... But several of my fellow Canadian real truth seekers, both Penny over at "Penny for Your Thoughts" ( and of course Greencrow over at "Greencrow As The Crow Flies"( have been all over this news since it came out, and I want to share with everyone some of their own thoughts on this important development here... Therefore, I want to first bring forward the link to Penny's article entitled "Breaking: Trump Fires Tillerson, Appoints Pompeo As Secretary Of State" here for everyone to view for themselves:

OK, My comment on Penny's article is this... Replacing Tillerson for Pompeo definitely shows that the "Deep State" rather than being drained out of Washington via Drumpf's "draining the swamp" promise is now back and firmly entrenched... It also means that Washington is now going to be steering a most dangerous path, since Pompeo is absolutely a massive Israel firster and is absolutely a war hawk!  Dangerous times for the United States are now a reality indeed...

Now comes Greencrow's article that she has already updated at least once, entitled: "UPDATED: Tillerson Fired?  BS! He's Just The First Rat To Swim Away From The Sinking Ship!"... I have the link to her report here:

My comment on Greencrow's article is this... I do appreciate how she sees Tillerson as basically getting the hell out now while he has the chance, but I am deeply worried, again, about where the US is now heading with that criminal CIA operative, Pompeo, now in as the newest US Secretary of State...

I have a different take on this "firing" and I wonder if this is not only due to all of the BS over Russia and that "poisoning" in the UK, but also due to the fact that maybe Tillerson really did not see eye to eye with Drumpf in regards to the Jewish push for more wars in the Middle East.....  We must remember that the criminally deranged Israeli freak Khazar failed used furniture salesman, Benyamin Miliewkosky (Netanyahu) was in Washington until just over this last weekend, and he did spend time with Drumpf.... I do wonder if one of that Jewish freak's demands was to have Tillerson removed to put the more hawkish and Jew dick sucker, Pompeo in his place, simply because Tillerson may have indeed been trying to dissuade Drumpf from pushing for war against Iran!....

We also do see reports that Tillerson supposedly is now free of his "Deep State" control, and we will see over the next while if he does exercise that freedom to tell everyone what is actually happening in Washington and the truths about America's foreign policies... It will be interesting to see indeed....

One other note:  Pompeo's replacement as criminal CIA head honcho and chief "spy", that Gina Haspel, is no beauty herself.. She has a real dark past, especially where she headed so many of the CIA's "black sites" where the supposed "Al Qaeda terrorists" were "held" in foreign nations... Considering how phoney the entire "Al Qaeda" really is, and how the US runs most of the phoney "terrorist" organizations through the CIA, it should have everyone wondering what this new head of the CIA is really all about!

The bottom line is this... With Tillerson out, the Deep State is back in full control in Washington DC, and we could see more wars for Israel and even a more scary push for war against both Russia and China......Many people may have not liked Tillerson, but his replacement Mike Pompeo should scare the crap out of them!

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Youtube Censorship: This Video Tells The Truth As To Why And By Whom!

Honestly, I am sick of the ongoing censorship by the JEWS behind the ever more ridiculous video sharing site called "Youtube"... Just the other day as an example I put out the "Youtube" video by Lifting The Veil where he interviewed Wolfgang Halbig about the fraudulent Parkland Florida shooting, and within the next day the Jewish pricks behind Youtube "censored" that video and had it removed from their site... I am presently looking for another source for that important video as it is indeed dynamite....(At present I have another copy of that video finally at that article!  But Youtube will probably "censor" that one as well soon.)

I have been looking for some new articles and/or videos that cover the ongoing "censorship" by the Jewish pricks behind Youtube that explains their actions in detail.... And I found one that everyone should view for themselves... This one comes from the Youtube user "The Truth Factory" and is entitled: "Who Is Really Behind Youtube Censorship" and is a must see (before Youtube takes it down of course..) by everyone... Here it is and I have  my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: I agree with the findings presented in this video, for the Jewish pricks have been attacking everyone who posts the truth on Youtube and elsewhere simply because those truths expose THEIR crimes for all to see...

Please take this video and make your own copies if you are capable.. Jew run Youtube will indeed have this one pulled very shortly, claiming that it "contains hate"... .The reality is of course the Jewish criminals are the masters of hate and they do not want people to finally come to their senses and rationalize that as reality...

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